MAL Score: 7.43

K Anime

Status: Finished Season: Fall 2012 Episodes: 13 Type: Subbed
Isano Yashiro (aka: Shiro-kun)<span> is a student at the massive Ashinaka High School that takes up an island in the bay. He's a little spacey, does not stand out much, is fairly well liked, and tends a small white kitten named Neko (</span><em>Cat</em><span> in Japanese).</span> <br /><span>Unknown to most people, this is an era of Kings: Seven people linked by an unknown process to an artefact called the Dresden Slate that confers incredible power they can share with a clan of followers. Each is represented by a rank, colour, and fundamental power of Nature.</span><br /><br /><span>Strange things start to happen, shortly after the death of the Seventh Colourless King, when a video of Shiro surfaces showing him gunning down a Homura (Third Red King) clansman in cold blood and claiming to be the new Seventh Colourless King. Now, with no memory of the incident, he must deal with the pursuit of two Kings and their clans, a follower of the previous Colourless King, the Black Dog, who is trying to kill him as an</span><em>evil king</em><span>, and </span>Neko<span> who has turned into a naked cat-girl that can dance between the perceptions of others.</span>


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