MAL Score: 8.69

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War - The Separation

Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen - Ketsubetsu-tan

Status: Finished Season: Summer 2023 Episodes: 13 Type: Subbed
With the secrets of his past and power finally revealed to him, Ichigo has reforged his Zanpakuto, and can now continue his training under the Zero Squad. However, time is not on his side; Ywach and his assembled Sternritter are on the warpath once more, ready to finish their destruction of Soul Society and complete their millennium-long vengeance. What's more, their ranks have grown, with Uryu Ishida joining his fellow Quincy in their blood war. When the fates of every soul in the universe are at stake, Ichigo must find the the strength to take on his own friend.


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