MAL Score: 7.86


Status: Finished Season: Spring 2009 Episodes: 13 Type: Subbed
<span>This is the first year of high school for the four girls, looking for that very special club.</span><br /><br /><span>The healthy and energetic </span>Tainaka Ritsu<span> (club president, drums) decides to join the school's </span><em>Light Music Club</em><span>, only to find out that the club is about to be closed — due to the lack of members. Without much ado she drags along her childhood friend, the shy, mature, and sensitive </span>Akiyama Mio<span> (bass).</span> <span>That leaves only two more members, required to keep club from closing. Luckily the gentle, calm, warm, and cute </span>Kotobuki Tsumugi<span>(keyboard) stumbles into the club, only to be "convinced" by the pleading Ritsu to stay. The last member, the easily distracted klutz </span>Hirasawa Yui<span>, can only play castanets, even though the club needs someone on the guitar, but she is "bribed" — with cake — to stay anyway.</span><br /><br /><span>Will Yui be able to learn to play the guitar — the special one she just bought and loves so much — before the four girls graduate?</span>


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